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Things I see on the side of the road while driving in Metro Detroit:

-shoes (usually one shoe, not the pair)
-empty cardboard boxes
-telephone books
-dead raccoons
-dead sparrows
-dead skunks
-dead cats

* * *
I'm going down to
Fort Myers
before and after
March 12.
* * *
I'm going to Detroit's Dirty Show tonight.
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* * *
College college. Should I go to Chicago? New York? Florida again? Stay here in Michigan? Shit.
I want someone to spin me around and push me off into a direction.
I just want to be surrounded by music and life and creativity.

P.S. I underestimated the power of old mixed-cds and tapes.

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man alive

Interjection, usually followed by an "unbelievable" event
Drunk brother: Man alive, did I have to shit!

Me: Congratulations. Now die.

* * *
I'm nervous.
I find out if I stay or go tomorrow.
I just want him to go to jail.
* * *
I miss laughing at workout videos with you.
I miss singing to paula abdul with you.
I miss your stories when I hadn't seen you for a while.
I remember the feeling that I would never be a good enough sister for you,
I wasn't popular or very cute.
I hope you are doing well and safe and happy.
Happy New Years.
* * *
I've got the blues.
* * *
christmas time and another blizzard.
already shoveled the snow twice and have to do it a third time.
i helped someone out of a ditch of snow on the on ramp to 94.
i tried to strangle my brother and have to grocery shop and present shop still.
i wish the holiday was over so i could sled but overall
i am happy to have every one together.
* * *
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